Why Irish Dancers Need to Keep Stamina High By Going to the Gym

Why Irish Dancers Need to Keep Stamina High By Going to the GymIrish dancing is a specific form of dancing that requires a great deal of core strength and also stamina because of the series of high kicks and tricks as well as the fast movement of the feet while tapping. Ceilis, or Irish folk dances, are social dances which include a community event and Irish music as well as the dancing something similar to what Americans think of as square dancing. Long sets of dances can last for five or more minutes of continuous, quick movement – and that is only one dance! All the prancing and skipping can also help your lower body bone density improve as well as getting a fantastic tush from all the quick movements of your legs.

Lively Fun

Irish dancing is incredibly high energy and fun to do, and can really help you get into shape quickly due to the high aerobic content of the dance moves. While the upper body does not move very much, the lower body is in near constant movement and requires a lot of skill in order to move as quickly as you need to in order to perform the steps. If you feel shy, a ceili dance is a great way to become part of a community of movers and shakers on the dance floor!

Strength and Conditioning

Strengthening the core muscles must be done in order to keep posture incredibly tight while performing complex moves with the lower half of the body. Core muscles wrap around the body like a corset, meaning you need to strengthen the back at the same time you are working on the core.

Head to the Gym

Keeping your core strength is only a part of the battle – the biggest issue that Irish dancers need to solve is keeping their stamina high enough to complete a series of five minute dances, which can add up to as much as thirty to forty minutes of non-stop dancing at a very high intensity level. Being stronger makes everything easier, so doing some preliminary weight lifting can give you initial returns as far as your dancing, as will doing exercises on a weight bench such or other types of muscle intensive work. However, creating long-term stamina requires that you do extensive bouts of aerobic exercise on a regular basis. A great option may be a yoga class or a step aerobics class. These both will get you in great shape in the long run to keep up with your Irish dance classes. Alternatively you can invest in an elliptical trainer for your own home such as the body rider fan elliptical trainer.

No matter what type of Irish dancing you are interested in, keeping fit will be in your best interest and aerobic exercise at a gym is your best option!

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