Tips to Play Irish Music at a Traditional Folk Session

If you are visiting the session for the first time, then you have to remain patient and watch the performance of other Irish players. You will come to know that each session is different, and their way of using the instruments and tools will be amazing. Some music will be relaxing while some are serious. Do not criticize other players or share your ideas when the session is going on. They may wonder that you are showing a negative reaction to the group.

Know about your skill level

It is essential to divide the Irish folk sessions into categories like advanced, intermediate and beginners. In the advanced session, the music will be played at a fast range. They will play known tunes and songs. It is mostly accompanied by same level musicians, and they enjoy playing with people who are at the same level.

In the intermediate level, it involves a lot of starting and stopping. Here, you will find a lot of differences in their skill levels. You can easily find the difference between the less competent and very competent players. The beginners are those interesting in starting and developing their repertoire and skill. They will not be allowed to see sheet music or books. An experienced player will lead the team, and the beginners will follow as per the instructions. When you enter in a session, you have to see your skill level and join to the suitable level. It is best to ask the local participants. They will help you to join according to the skill level.

If it is your first time to enter the session, then leave space for the experienced or other people to begin the tune. Are you wondering why? Regular people know to start the tunes rightly, and new people tunes may sound odd to other members.

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