The Origin of Irish Songs

Ireland’s main export was people. It remained in the trend for several years. The people who were exported went far away from Ireland. Their new countries were America and Australia and decided not to return. Though the people did not return, the unique music travelled all parts of the country and got renewed in the Irish grounds. Music was never a distance or far away thing for the Irish. It also remains as the pulse of Ireland. Turlough O’Carolan is a blind harpist and one of the most famous musicians in the Ireland. His music is popular even today though composed long time back. He has fans and followers from all over the world. He has received appreciations from worldwide musicians.

In the midst of the nineteenth century, more number of people started to migrate from Ireland. It was due to blight that potato crop failed universally. In order to live a better life, people started to move in search of the New World. During that period, the ballad became very famous. It was composed having the people’s feelings in mind. Thomas Westendorf composed the ballad. He was a music teacher and published the ballad in 1876. All these examples show how music was closely connected to the minds of Irish people. In later years, the Irish music was mixed, mutated and absorbed with other forms of music like Cajun, blues and Jazz. It is now a large music country that has a combination of western music and country music.

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