How Quadcopters Are Great At Filming Dance And Music Events

Ever wonder how live concerts online or over the TV get such good shots? Chances are the group responsible for videotaping the concert is using tens of thousands of dollars worth of equipment carefully set up and put in place prior to the event. With hours of time spent perfecting it prior to the concert, this high level of quality in recording dance and music events is beyond what any person can do, until now.

Through the use of a quadcopter, it has never been easier to film dance and music events. With a little bit of set up and some experience flying these things, you can begin filming pretty much anything from angles never before imagined. You’ve probably even seen your neighbour flying them but the best quadcopters and drones can be expensive, so read reviews first to make the right buy.

Lets take a moment to review how quadcopters can be a great way to film dance and music events.

1. Cost

Quadcopters have come down in price over the past few years, making them pretty accessible to most people. In addition, the technology necessary to take high quality video and pictures has also gotten better and more lightweight. With lightweight recording equipment and the power provided by a quadcopter, lifting a camera into the air and getting amazing shots has never been easier or less expensive then now.

2. Experience

Quadcopters have a pretty simple learning curve that allows most people to get a firm understanding of the controls after a few flights. With some quadcopters having the ability to remain at a fixed point in the air, having a stationary camera or video recorded high in the air is surprisingly simple. As for the quality of the video or images, a lot has to do with the type of recorded you buy as well as your experience flying it.

3. A New View

Quadcopters take recording equipment to the sky, allowing for countless above angles that would normally not be possible. Excellent for creating establishing shots of the crowd, the quadcopter can do looks of the stage, providing another novel shot of what is going on. With dance, this means having new angles to appreciate the careful choreography that often goes into dance routines. In addition, quadcopters help music events by providing a better view of the band members, including those who would be otherwise difficult to see.

4. Reliability In Design

Quadcopters rarely stop working unless something is seriously wrong. The product of multiple iterations of design and improvements, quadcopters have become more stable and reliable. The end result is its emergence in filming many smaller music and dance performances.

While it can be tricky to figure out at first, a quadcopter can be your way to inexpensively get shots that would otherwise require thousands of dollars and hours of careful setup. While there are some risks associated with quadcopters, they have a history of being well designed and are generally quite reliable. With that in mind, consider a quadcopter purchase the next time you need to film an event in your area!

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