How Irish Step Dancers Often Turn To Coffee To Get Their Energy

irish-step-dancingA traditional dance of Ireland, Irish Step Dance has spread around the world as a fascinating part of Irish culture.  Beginning in the 19th century, the Irish Step Dance spread around the world. Entertaining packed rooms with incredible energy, professional Irish Step Dancers bring renewed interest and excitement to this historic dance, entertaining crowds with precision and elaborate costumes.  Over the centuries, the Irish Step Dance has slowly changed to better reflect Irish culture to the world.  Including things like outfits, the ways that Irish Step Dancers prepare before a show have changed as well.  In particular, many Irish Step Dancers are turning to coffee to get their energy before a show.

The Irish Step Dance can be physically exhausting.  Requiring the very best out of the dancers, finding a source of energy just before going on stage can make all the difference in the world. According to as coffee has grown in popularity over the last century, so too has its popularity among Irish Step Dancers with many owning their own coffee machines.  With more and more dancers taking up the habit right before going on stage, drinking coffee has turned into a kind of ritual for some groups.  Whether it is a placebo affect or the effect of caffeine, dancers report having more energy and being more excited when going on stage.  Regardless, it is interesting to note how this may be a new ritual forming along side the countless other cultural quirks that make Irish Step Dance so compelling to the outside world.

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