How Irish Dancers Can Recover With A Massage Chair

How Irish Dancers Can Recover With A Massage Chair

Dancing requires an intensity and persistence rarely seen in life.  Ranking high in the amount of energy, expertise, and endurance necessary to do right, Irish Dancers push themselves to their limits as they bring an incredible form of dance and cultural expression to life.  While as audience members we may clap at the performance, what we rarely see is the training, preparation, and recuperating that goes into the experience.

When it comes to recovering from Irish Dancing, most people focus on leg care.  However, upper body care, specifically the shoulders, upper back, and lower back should also be looked at.  A unique way at addressing these concerns while also providing a relaxing experience is using a massage chair.  Lets take a moment to discuss how Irish Dancers can recover with a massage chair.

The Secondary Problem That Often Goes Ignored

The primary concerns that Irish Dancers deal with involves their legs. These problems include plantar fasciitis where the tissue that supports the arch is overused, bunions where small deformation of bone occur on the feet, knee problems, and shin splints where slight tares to the tissue connect the muscle to the shin bone.  Many dancers will be warned of these from the start and training will be designed around strengthening these parts of the body because of their frequent use.

While this is an excellent way for an Irish Dancers to stay healthy from the waist down, it does little in addressing secondary problems that can emerge from frequent dancing. Typically, these problems are ignored or even dismissed, causing some dancers to develop arm, shoulder, and back pains. These upper back pains are the secondary problems that often go ignored and which can be directly addressed by purchasing a massage chair.

A Luxury For Recuperation, Really?

Massage chairs have a tendency to be considered a luxury with little benefit.  The truth is that a good massage chair is far from unnecessary. In fact, it can provide you with a lot of relief, a lot of comfort, and a lot of worth. Slowly working the muscles of your legs, lower back, back, and even neck, you can experience relief from places on your back that have chronic pain. Relaxing your back and massaging soreness away, a massage chair can make the difference between pain and no pain.

While a massage chair may not appear to be a solution to the back problems experienced by Irish Dancers, it does work to lessening this pain and providing comfort.  In addition, with how intensive Irish Dance is and how much exertion is required to perform, having a way of winding down at the end of the day can relax the body and allow you to re-center yourself after an amazing dance.  For this reason, it also works as a great way to prep yourself beforehand by taking the time, massaging your back, and meditating before you prepare.

As a final consideration, regardless of the health and pain-relief benefits that a massage chair can provide, there is also the comfort.  Using a massage chair is a pleasurable experience that leaves you feeling better afterwards.  It costs far less then seeing a massage therapist monthly, and will quickly result in you getting your money’s worth.

Where Does That Leave Us?

Irish Dancing is an intensive experience to both watch and be a part of.  Requiring a great deal of stamina and endurance, Irish Dancers need time to prepare and cool down after every performance.  Assisting in all aspects of preparation, a massage chair can add luxury, comfort, health, and recuperation.  What’s not to love?

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