How Irish Step Dancers Often Turn To Coffee To Get Their Energy

A traditional dance of Ireland, Irish Step Dance has spread around the world as a fascinating part of Irish culture.  Beginning in the 19th century, the Irish Step Dance spread around the world. Entertaining packed rooms with incredible energy, professional Irish Step Dancers bring renewed interest and excitement to this Read More

How Quadcopters Are Great At Filming Dance And Music Events

Ever wonder how live concerts online or over the TV get such good shots? Chances are the group responsible for videotaping the concert is using tens of thousands of dollars worth of equipment carefully set up and put in place prior to the event. With hours of time spent perfecting Read More

Tips to Play Irish Music at a Traditional Folk Session

If you are visiting the session for the first time, then you have to remain patient and watch the performance of other Irish players. You will come to know that each session is different, and their way of using the instruments and tools will be amazing. Some music will be Read More

The Origin of Irish Songs

Ireland’s main export was people. It remained in the trend for several years. The people who were exported went far away from Ireland. Their new countries were America and Australia and decided not to return. Though the people did not return, the unique music travelled all parts of the country Read More