Tips for Keeping Your Drinks Cool during Hot Music Festivals

Music festivals won’t be complete without loads of booze. You can’t just attend concerts all day. You also need a break. You have to chill out and just enjoy the spring. The only problem is that music festivals are usually held outdoors. Most hotels are not easy to access. You might also have to pay a lot if you are lucky enough to find one.

Music festival goers usually stay outdoors. They build tents or sleep on their car. Although this is not really a big problem, it could be a disaster if you want to keep your drinks cold. You can bring ice to the music festival, but it will melt over time.

The easiest way to solve the problem is to bring the best ice pack for cooler. It helps lower the melting process. It means that even if you don’t have access to a freezer over a longer period of time, it won’t be a problem. Of course, it would be great if you can bring an actual cooler. Just be more innovative in using ice packs to keep your drinks cold.

Use salt

You can also add salt on your ice. Just place the drinks inside a cooler with loads of ice. Throw some salt into it and you can expect the ice to delay its melting process. Salt changes the temperature and ensures ice doesn’t melt right away.

Use the sink

If you can find a sink, block it and fill it with water. Place the drinks on the sink with the ice and cover it with cloth. It will be good for some time. Just make sure no one drains the sink or else, it would be pointless.

Maximize the use of nature

Music festivals are usually held during spring. However, if there are still remnants of snow all over the place, use them. You can collect the snow and place it inside the cooler before putting your drinks. Another option is to just bury the drinks in the snow. Either way, you already have a solution in cooling your drinks.

Bury the beer

If you really could not find snow anywhere, just look for moist soil and bury your beer in it. It may not be that effective, but it will at least keep your drinks cold for a while. The only problem is that it could get really messy. Imagine uprooting your drinks from the ground. This is not quite a good idea, but desperate times call for desperate measures. Another way is to wrap all your drinks in fabric, dig a hole and place the wrapped drinks in the hole and fill it with water. Cover the hole with soil and it will keep the drinks cold for a while. Just don’t forget you have buried something on the ground.

You really have to be creative when you don’t have access to a freezer. You just can’t drink beer that’s not cold. It doesn’t taste good. You also don’t want to share it with your friends, as they will most likely feel disappointed.

However, if there is a hotel nearby and you know a friend who stays there, you can ask to have the drinks placed in the freezer for a while. Just be polite in asking and don’t be pushy especially if they already declined your request.

Don’t forget to have fun

You might be too busy looking for a way to keep your drinks cold. Just don’t make it a reason why you won’t enjoy the party anymore. It is great if you have cold drinks when you are in a music festival, but it is not the only reason why you are there.

Of course, you have to enjoy the music. There are great artists lined up for you to enjoy and sing with. Meet new people. This is your opportunity to find people to hang out with or even build lasting friendship. Most of all, you have to take your time to relax. Just because you are not drinking beer doesn’t mean you can’t relax anymore. There are a lot of ways to relax especially if you are in a wonderful location and you’re away from work. Make the most out of this rare opportunity.

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How Irish Dancers Can Recover With A Massage Chair

How Irish Dancers Can Recover With A Massage Chair

Dancing requires an intensity and persistence rarely seen in life.  Ranking high in the amount of energy, expertise, and endurance necessary to do right, Irish Dancers push themselves to their limits as they bring an incredible form of dance and cultural expression to life.  While as audience members we may clap at the performance, what we rarely see is the training, preparation, and recuperating that goes into the experience.

When it comes to recovering from Irish Dancing, most people focus on leg care.  However, upper body care, specifically the shoulders, upper back, and lower back should also be looked at.  A unique way at addressing these concerns while also providing a relaxing experience is using a massage chair.  Lets take a moment to discuss how Irish Dancers can recover with a massage chair.

The Secondary Problem That Often Goes Ignored

The primary concerns that Irish Dancers deal with involves their legs. These problems include plantar fasciitis where the tissue that supports the arch is overused, bunions where small deformation of bone occur on the feet, knee problems, and shin splints where slight tares to the tissue connect the muscle to the shin bone.  Many dancers will be warned of these from the start and training will be designed around strengthening these parts of the body because of their frequent use.

While this is an excellent way for an Irish Dancers to stay healthy from the waist down, it does little in addressing secondary problems that can emerge from frequent dancing. Typically, these problems are ignored or even dismissed, causing some dancers to develop arm, shoulder, and back pains. These upper back pains are the secondary problems that often go ignored and which can be directly addressed by purchasing a massage chair.

A Luxury For Recuperation, Really?

Massage chairs have a tendency to be considered a luxury with little benefit.  The truth is that a good massage chair is far from unnecessary. In fact, it can provide you with a lot of relief, a lot of comfort, and a lot of worth. Slowly working the muscles of your legs, lower back, back, and even neck, you can experience relief from places on your back that have chronic pain. Relaxing your back and massaging soreness away, a massage chair can make the difference between pain and no pain.

While a massage chair may not appear to be a solution to the back problems experienced by Irish Dancers, it does work to lessening this pain and providing comfort.  In addition, with how intensive Irish Dance is and how much exertion is required to perform, having a way of winding down at the end of the day can relax the body and allow you to re-center yourself after an amazing dance.  For this reason, it also works as a great way to prep yourself beforehand by taking the time, massaging your back, and meditating before you prepare.

As a final consideration, regardless of the health and pain-relief benefits that a massage chair can provide, there is also the comfort.  Using a massage chair is a pleasurable experience that leaves you feeling better afterwards.  It costs far less then seeing a massage therapist monthly, and will quickly result in you getting your money’s worth.

Where Does That Leave Us?

Irish Dancing is an intensive experience to both watch and be a part of.  Requiring a great deal of stamina and endurance, Irish Dancers need time to prepare and cool down after every performance.  Assisting in all aspects of preparation, a massage chair can add luxury, comfort, health, and recuperation.  What’s not to love?

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How Irish Step Dancers Often Turn To Coffee To Get Their Energy

irish-step-dancingA traditional dance of Ireland, Irish Step Dance has spread around the world as a fascinating part of Irish culture.  Beginning in the 19th century, the Irish Step Dance spread around the world. Entertaining packed rooms with incredible energy, professional Irish Step Dancers bring renewed interest and excitement to this historic dance, entertaining crowds with precision and elaborate costumes.  Over the centuries, the Irish Step Dance has slowly changed to better reflect Irish culture to the world.  Including things like outfits, the ways that Irish Step Dancers prepare before a show have changed as well.  In particular, many Irish Step Dancers are turning to coffee to get their energy before a show.

The Irish Step Dance can be physically exhausting.  Requiring the very best out of the dancers, finding a source of energy just before going on stage can make all the difference in the world. According to as coffee has grown in popularity over the last century, so too has its popularity among Irish Step Dancers with many owning their own coffee machines.  With more and more dancers taking up the habit right before going on stage, drinking coffee has turned into a kind of ritual for some groups.  Whether it is a placebo affect or the effect of caffeine, dancers report having more energy and being more excited when going on stage.  Regardless, it is interesting to note how this may be a new ritual forming along side the countless other cultural quirks that make Irish Step Dance so compelling to the outside world.

How Quadcopters Are Great At Filming Dance And Music Events

Ever wonder how live concerts online or over the TV get such good shots? Chances are the group responsible for videotaping the concert is using tens of thousands of dollars worth of equipment carefully set up and put in place prior to the event. With hours of time spent perfecting it prior to the concert, this high level of quality in recording dance and music events is beyond what any person can do, until now.

Through the use of a quadcopter, it has never been easier to film dance and music events. With a little bit of set up and some experience flying these things, you can begin filming pretty much anything from angles never before imagined. You’ve probably even seen your neighbour flying them but the best quadcopters and drones can be expensive, so read reviews first to make the right buy.

Lets take a moment to review how quadcopters can be a great way to film dance and music events.

1. Cost

Quadcopters have come down in price over the past few years, making them pretty accessible to most people. In addition, the technology necessary to take high quality video and pictures has also gotten better and more lightweight. With lightweight recording equipment and the power provided by a quadcopter, lifting a camera into the air and getting amazing shots has never been easier or less expensive then now.

2. Experience

Quadcopters have a pretty simple learning curve that allows most people to get a firm understanding of the controls after a few flights. With some quadcopters having the ability to remain at a fixed point in the air, having a stationary camera or video recorded high in the air is surprisingly simple. As for the quality of the video or images, a lot has to do with the type of recorded you buy as well as your experience flying it.

3. A New View

Quadcopters take recording equipment to the sky, allowing for countless above angles that would normally not be possible. Excellent for creating establishing shots of the crowd, the quadcopter can do looks of the stage, providing another novel shot of what is going on. With dance, this means having new angles to appreciate the careful choreography that often goes into dance routines. In addition, quadcopters help music events by providing a better view of the band members, including those who would be otherwise difficult to see.

4. Reliability In Design

Quadcopters rarely stop working unless something is seriously wrong. The product of multiple iterations of design and improvements, quadcopters have become more stable and reliable. The end result is its emergence in filming many smaller music and dance performances.

While it can be tricky to figure out at first, a quadcopter can be your way to inexpensively get shots that would otherwise require thousands of dollars and hours of careful setup. While there are some risks associated with quadcopters, they have a history of being well designed and are generally quite reliable. With that in mind, consider a quadcopter purchase the next time you need to film an event in your area!

Tips to Play Irish Music at a Traditional Folk Session

If you are visiting the session for the first time, then you have to remain patient and watch the performance of other Irish players. You will come to know that each session is different, and their way of using the instruments and tools will be amazing. Some music will be relaxing while some are serious. Do not criticize other players or share your ideas when the session is going on. They may wonder that you are showing a negative reaction to the group.

Know about your skill level

It is essential to divide the Irish folk sessions into categories like advanced, intermediate and beginners. In the advanced session, the music will be played at a fast range. They will play known tunes and songs. It is mostly accompanied by same level musicians, and they enjoy playing with people who are at the same level.

In the intermediate level, it involves a lot of starting and stopping. Here, you will find a lot of differences in their skill levels. You can easily find the difference between the less competent and very competent players. The beginners are those interesting in starting and developing their repertoire and skill. They will not be allowed to see sheet music or books. An experienced player will lead the team, and the beginners will follow as per the instructions. When you enter in a session, you have to see your skill level and join to the suitable level. It is best to ask the local participants. They will help you to join according to the skill level.

If it is your first time to enter the session, then leave space for the experienced or other people to begin the tune. Are you wondering why? Regular people know to start the tunes rightly, and new people tunes may sound odd to other members.

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The Origin of Irish Songs

Ireland’s main export was people. It remained in the trend for several years. The people who were exported went far away from Ireland. Their new countries were America and Australia and decided not to return. Though the people did not return, the unique music travelled all parts of the country and got renewed in the Irish grounds. Music was never a distance or far away thing for the Irish. It also remains as the pulse of Ireland. Turlough O’Carolan is a blind harpist and one of the most famous musicians in the Ireland. His music is popular even today though composed long time back. He has fans and followers from all over the world. He has received appreciations from worldwide musicians.

In the midst of the nineteenth century, more number of people started to migrate from Ireland. It was due to blight that potato crop failed universally. In order to live a better life, people started to move in search of the New World. During that period, the ballad became very famous. It was composed having the people’s feelings in mind. Thomas Westendorf composed the ballad. He was a music teacher and published the ballad in 1876. All these examples show how music was closely connected to the minds of Irish people. In later years, the Irish music was mixed, mutated and absorbed with other forms of music like Cajun, blues and Jazz. It is now a large music country that has a combination of western music and country music.

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How to Set up an Irish Music Club?

In the last ten years, Irish music is popular all over the world. It is known even by common music listeners. It has impressed thousands of fans, and they are planning to set up their own style Irish music clubs. Here sharing some points that will help you if you have the same plan.

Though you may be experienced, you need to wait for becoming popular and established in your stream. You have to search for the best venue to launch your club. It can be a bar or pub. Ensure to have a separate room in the upstairs or the back side of the bar. You can use the room for planning and organizing. It is not advisable to use the main entrance of the bar since some people would not be interested in music and stop to enter.

When you have a separate room, the interested listeners and musicians will maintain silence and follow the singers. The venue should have good parking space. The visitors should feel convenient to park their vehicle and visit your place. It is best to choose a place where there is public transportation facility. It is nice to start your club in a picturesque bar, but it is of no use if no one visits or joins your club.

Ensure to team up with best performers. They have to be good players as well as entertainers. The audience should like your acts, and they should turn up just for your music.

Remember that Irish music is actually rich in style and tone. You have to reflect the same richness in your song and performance. It is never too later to start your club if you have interest and passion in Irish music. You have to take care of your finance to keep your music high and up.

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Sing your Irish Song in the Irish Style

Are you an Irish? Do you want to become a popular musician or Irish singer? Do you want to sing a beautiful Irish song? Well, you have come to the right page. If you are composing for the first time, you may the find the task complex. You may even wonder how to deliver and make it popular. There are different etiquettes, traditions and sides in the Irish songs. You have to know the similarities to become a master. It is best to become a member of the Irish music community. It is actually a tight group where the non-music members get confused when participating or trying to sing. The first step to sing is to learn the differences.

Most of the accurate Irish sessions are composed with music and tunes. The session players will do justice to music, and remain right in the tune. You may even get an opportunity to sing Irish song in a traditional music session. Such songs are not much known, but it will be sung in Sean-nos tradition or Irish tradition. Irish folk songs can be sung in any perfect location. If you are planning to sing, you have to follow some rules. A person will remain in-charge to start the song, and you have to follow the person’s tune. You have to watch patiently and absorb the feelings of the group. This way, you will be able to sing along with the tune or the chorus.

Ensure to enjoy the songs sung by your fellow singers. In order to be an Irish singer, you have to practice and learn the traditions and their singing styles. It does not mean that you have to approach only if you are a popular singer. Some people will do the best performance in spite of their poor voice.

Dublin- Best Place For Traditional Music Fans

Dublin is almost like a capital city of Europe. It has numerous clubs, pubs and music bands singing folk Irish songs. If you wish to enjoy the Irish folk songs, you need to visit Dublin. The traditional folk music is found in abundance in Dublin. You do not have to go far in search of traditional folk music if you are in Dublin. It is a place where you can jig and swig, according to the tones of Irish music.

The central Dublin is the particular place you need to visit for folk and traditional music. In this spot, you will find some of the talented performers staging on the spot and show their skills. Next to the Camden Street, you have to enter The Village. It is a great music venue and really worth a visit. Vicar Street has a bit confusing name but still it remains as a fabulous avenue in Ireland. There you can meet solo artists and bands who play different kinds of music that includes folk and traditional. Dubliners are the big name in the Irish bands. Some artists appear and stage at Vicar Street. Artists like Brendan Grace, Fionn Regan, and Dara O’Brien render the best quality acts at Vicar Street.

You can find traditional Irish music wherever you go. They play throughout the day and night in the cafes, bars and hotels. Talented and aspiring musicians and singers ensure to make use of their talent by playing in any place where there are visitors and crowds. You can listen to music ranging from roots to classical genre.

Steve Averill: Popular Irish Musician

Do you know about Steve Averill? Do you listen to the Irish traditional or folk music? Well, you need to read this blog. Steve Averill is a famous musician, director, punk rock vocalist, and graphic artist. Averill designed the cover page for a popular Irish band named U2. He was the first person to suggest the name U2 for the band. The Irish musical group later changed its name from U2 to ‘The Hype’. He has his own musical company that was Four5One creative. It was renamed as AMP visuals. Averill was one of the members of the band called The Radiators from Space. It is a first punk bank in Ireland. As the band member shifted to London, Averill was not able to participate thereafter. He was with the band till August 1977.

Averill gained high recognition and praise when he designed the cover page of the album Boy. The design cover was stunning, and it helped the band to become more popular. After that, Averill continued to remain with the U2 team for most of the design works. He has worked with several musical acts in Ireland like Clannad, Asian, Hothouse flowers and the Dubliners. Some of the international acts where Averill participated include Depeche Mode and Elvis Costello.

He made a record deal by designing the single first cover page with Chriswick Records. At one point, Averill came to know about his vocal talents and started to express his desire and interest through design and art. He often says himself that he is an artist without musical talent and a tone deaf singer.